Dr Hoffman is an experienced chiropractor treating shoulder conditions with origin in the cervical spine. He has helped many residents in Rego Park/ Forest Hills/ Elmhurst and surrounding Queens neighborhood live healthy pain-free lifestyles by locating and correcting neck complaints which results in shoulder pain and discomfort.

About Shoulder pain:
Is the pain really in your shoulder joint or is the pain actually coming from your neck. Oftentimes neck pain is located in one place, your neck, and stays there. But sometimes the pain radiates (travels) to other parts of your body such as your shoulders or arms. This is typical with pinched nerves. As is the case with hip pain many times people don’t really know what their problem is and where the pain is coming from. Many people don’t understand neck and shoulder anatomy and it’s hard for them to determine where the pain is coming from. For example if we go and get a “shoulder massage” do you think it is your shoulder that they are massaging or your neck? It’s called a shoulder massage but what they’re actually massaging is your trapezii musculature which is part of your neck. Whenever I have patients present with shoulder pain 2 out of 3 times the pain is actually coming from their neck. However there are times when the shoulder pain is coming from the shoulder joint such as sprain and strain injuries to the rotator cuff musculature, bursitis, impingement syndromes or with rotator cuff tendinitis or tears. Pain can also be caused by arthritic conditions of the shoulder joint itself. This is why it is important to get evaluated by a chiropractor to determine the exact cause of your shoulder pain and explain what options are best for your particular condition.

Does chiropractic care help with shoulder pain?
As is the case with hip pain it really depends on the cause of your shoulder pain. If the pain in your shoulder is traveling to your shoulder from your neck than chiropractic care will most certainly help. If your shoulder pain is from a rotator cuff tear, bursitis or bony impingement in your shoulder it will not. If you have an actual shoulder complaint than you would be better off getting treated by a good physical therapist. But the best place to start is by visiting a chiropractor to determine the exact cause of your shoulder pain.

How do you avoid getting shoulder pain?
Performing at home stretching for neck and shoulder musculature, maintaining good posture throughout the day and getting periodic check ups by a chiropractor is a good place to start. It is always best to catch a problem before it starts giving you symptoms and identify a small problem early on. Many common shoulder conditions can be avoided especially sprain and strain injuries that aren’t caused by direct trauma. Try to avoid carrying heavy bags, luggage, book bags, or backpacks especially using only one arm. Only put what you really need in the bag. If you work on a computer or spend a lot of time on a computer make sure you understand and practice good ergonomics whether in the workplace or at home.

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