Dr. Hoffman has extensive training and experience treating individuals with scoliosis and always provides the most effective evidence based techniques. He has helped many of his patients with this condition typically with excellent results. As always Dr. Hoffman is here to help his neighbors in Rego Park/ Forest Hills/ Elmhurst and other surrounding Queens neighborhoods with spine related conditions such as scoliosis.

About Scoliosis:
Scoliosis is a spinal condition which affects the normal curvature of the spine and will cause the spine to shift to the side. It is typically referred to as a sideways curvature of the spine and usually develops in adolescents prior to puberty. Once an individual reaches 16 years old most of the progression of the curve will stop as the growth spurts slows down.
Scoliosis has many causes some of which are very mild and some which are a lot more severe. Thankfully most cases of scoliosis are fairly mild and do not require surgery. However, some are a lot more serious and depending on the type of curve and location of the curve it can be a lot more serious. An example of this would be a spinal curve which is curving toward the chest which makes it a lot more difficult for the lungs to function properly. Children who have scoliosis should be examined and monitored closely especially up to the age of 16, usually with X-rays to determine at what rate the curve is progressing. Some children will need to wear a back brace to slow down the progression of the curve and some will require surgery.

Does Chiropractic care help?
Yes. Chiropractors are highly trained and most chiropractors have a lot of experience with scoliosis. I know I do. Depending on the exact cause and severity of the scoliosis different treatment plans will be created. I will almost always treat older individuals who have scoliosis but with younger adolescents and children I do not. If I don’t feel I can significantly help them I will refer them to somebody who can which is typically an orthopedist. These individuals will typically require bracing and/or surgical intervention. For the patients I feel it is appropriate to treat I usually will recommend specific stretching techniques, gentle spinal adjustments as well as various soft tissue (muscle) techniques. I always like to educate all of my patients with things such as proper lifting techniques, proper posture at home and at school, working in an ergonomically correct manner, and other lifestyle advice. Scoliosis is usually better managed as a team and I encourage each of my younger patients (under 16 years old) to be monitored by a medical physician as well.

What can I do to avoid getting scoliosis?
Unfortunately there is nothing you can do; but thankfully there are things you can do to effectively manage this condition.

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