Dr. Hoffman has years of experience treating lower back and pains to the hip which originate in the lower back. He has helped countless people in Rego Park/ Forest Hills/ Elmhurst and surrounding Queens neighborhoods recover from these types of injuries which are typical from both acute and chronic injuries such as acute sports injury, car accident or work accident injury, as well as chronic degenerative conditions of the spine. The majority of these conditions respond favorably to chiropractic care.

About Hip Pain:
Hip pain can either be due to direct injury to the hip joint itself or pain referral originating in the lumbar spine. Usually lower back pain stays in the spine itself, however it does sometime radiate into the groin, hip and lower extremities. Many people are convinced that they have hip pain but that is often not the case. One thing is for sure, hip pain is certainly not always as it appears. One big reason for the confusion is many patients do not understand hip and back anatomy. Many times people present with hip pain and when you ask them to point to their hip they often point to their lower back and tailbone region (sacroiliac joint).
Some common injuries which often cause pain in or around the hip joint are lumbar facet syndromes and lumbar radiculopathy (pinched nerves). The lower back has specific nerves in the lower lumbar region which can create pain in and around the hip joint. When the origin of the pain is from the hip joint itself often standing, walking, and stair climbing becomes painful and difficult to perform. When the pain is from arthritis in the hip joint motion is typically limited. This is why obtaining an accurate diagnosis and beginning treatment to correct your particular condition is very important in resuming activities and living an active pain-free lifestyle.

Does chiropractic help with hip pain?
It depends. If the origin is from the spine than yes it helps. If the origin is from the hip joint itself than no. That’s why being evaluated by a chiropractor for an accurate diagnosis is so important. As mentioned earlier a chiropractor is expertly trained and a specialist in treating spine related disorders. Gentle chiropractic adjustments are very important in proper alignment of the spine to relieve any compression on lower back structures such as muscles, ligaments, and nerves. Chiropractic care is very important in many other ways as well such as educating an individual to avoid certain activities and movements, improve posture, as well as other lifestyle advice to help keep the pain from returning.

How do you avoid developing hip pain?
Having regular chiropractic check ups to check for spinal misalignments and dysfunction in the lower back is the best place to start. Taking frequent breaks while working (remember drinking water throughout the day helps you get up more often). It is very important to practice good posture and change positions throughout the day, maintain a healthy weight, wear proper footwear, and lead an active lifestyle which includes regular chiropractic care.

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